Information Bali


Bali Island is a small beautiful and part of Indonesia archipelago. It own the panorama and uniqe culture that make this island is exclusively than others. Futhermore, is location is in the tropical situation as Dreamland for vacation. Bali island has many place for interest such a rice paddies, beatiuful panorama, volcanoes, tourism activiest as well as attraction.In Bali, the spirit is coming out to play in the moonlight .Meanwhile ,a good time of the day with sea breeze will complete your holiday dream.

Bali is an island of God our in paradise, it is perfect tourist destination to enjoy the holiday with your family as well as collages. This tropical paradise has a unique blend of modern tourist facilities combined with wonderful hoping a rich past as well as heritages sites. The balinese people are proud of having preserved their unique culture. As an International tourist destination, Bali Island is a complete and unique place to visit. Here, all the guest can enjoy the Island through plenty of activities such as sightseeing, an adventure, spa, culture lesson, Yoga, Cruises, Golf or relaxation on the beach.

Balinese people are popular because of their friendly and kind attitude, they have a concept called ‘’THI HITA KARANA’’ which consist of 3 aspects. One of them is establish good relationship with other people, in the simply words we can say that if you want to be treated kindly, so treat the others kindly. In the more complex words, treat others how do you want to be treated. This attitude keeps Bali on velvet and prosperity, virtue comes from everywhere.

Bali also popular of its traditional foods,of course these foods cannot be found in other places. They are klepon,be guling, lawar, etc. Overall it is difficult to find a place like Bali which holds plenty of natural beauty, humanity beauty, cultural beauty and food variety.

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